Improve Your Bowling Skills with F. Chris Garcia – Tips for Beginners

Bowling is a fun sport that is suitable for levels of bowling skills and abilities. You can play competitively or go bowling with your friends and family just to have a good time. If you want to impress your friends and family, or you plan on competing in a competition soon, consider these next tips.

  • Every beginner bowler should attempt a few trial swings so that you are used to the motion. You don’t need to do this with a bowling bowl; you can do this empty handed. If you do have a ball, don’t release it, instead just go through the motions. You can develop focus and some rhythm by doing a little warming up.

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  • If you are a beginner focus on using a lighter ball first. These balls are made for beginners and will help you improve your technique. If you can’t find a lighter ball, ask an employee of the alley, and they will be able to help you. You can start moving up in weight once you get more and more comfortable with your swing and the weight of the ball that you previously used.

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  • Although it is a cliché, keeping “your eyes on the prize” sometimes works. The prize isn’t the middle pin, though. If you are right handed the prize should be the second arrow from the right-handed gutter. This arrow makes a straight line from your right shoulder to the front three pins.

F. Chris Garcia is a retired political science professor. He taught at the University of New Mexico for 40 years. He has been spending his time with his wife. They enjoy hiking, camping, playing tennis, golf, and going bowling.


F. Chris Garcia – Music Enthusiast

F. Chris Garcia is a retired political science professor that taught at the University of New Mexico for over 40 years. He retired a few years ago and holds the illustrious title of Distinguished Professor Emeritus (F. Chris Garcia) from the University of New Mexico.

He has rekindled his love for being involved in music since retirement. While he was a college student, he was a member of various marching and dance bands. He and his college friends also started a country-western band together. He has been involved in numerous choirs and traditional southern gospel quartets, as well as various musical theater productions.

Since retirement, music has been his main avocation, besides the time that he spends with his wife and two daughters.

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F. Chris Garcia – Son of New Mexico

Chris Garcia is a 13th generation New Mexican and fourth generation Albuquerquean. Needless to say, he is a true son of New Mexico. He went to high school at Valley High School in New Mexico and went on to obtain his Bachelor of Arts and Masters Degree, the first in his family to do so.

In 1972, he obtained his Ph.D. in political science from the University of California at Davis. He went back to his home state and began teaching political science at the University of New Mexico. He was a distinguished member of the academic staff and taught at UNM for over 40 years.

As of 2011 he holds the title Distinguished Professor Emeritus (F. Chris Garcia) at the University of New Mexico. He is now retired and enjoying his time with his family.


F. Chris Garcia Explains How to Overcome Common Golfing Challenges

Golf is a very difficult sport to pick up. It requires a lot of body movement and muscle work that is surprising and also feels unnatural. Beginners find it difficult to learn at first and to become a good golfer requires years of practice and experience. Here are a few tips for beginner golfers who are finding themselves challenged by the difficulty of this sport.

  • The key to a good golf swing is starting your downswing with your hips. Your lower body should be starting the movement, and that movement should move to your upper body in one fluid motion. Most bad golf swings occur because the movement is starting in the upper body rather than the lower body.

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  • The best way to practice golf is by going to a driving range. Before you attempt a course, you should have spent a lot of time at a driving range, perfecting your swing, and getting comfortable. Each session at the range should consist of you hitting 50 balls for at least half an hour. The time you spend at the range will help you considerably on the course.
  • The first course that you should attempt should be a par three course. Par three courses are a great way for you to learn about course management and allow you an opportunity to practice your short game. You will spend less time searching for balls on a par three course and more time working on your game.

F. Chris Garcia is an avid golfer. He has been playing golf for a good portion of his life now. He is a retired political science professor that taught at the University of New Mexico for over 40 years.


F. Chris Garcia Explains How to Improve Tennis Skills – Tips for Beginners

Tennis is sometimes a frustrating sport, so if you are a beginner don’t let your frustration get to you. Like most sports, you shouldn’t expect too much from your performance soon after picking up tennis. The following tips won’t improve your shot technique but will improve your ability to move around the court.

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  • Speed is very important in tennis. You need to be able to react quickly to your opponents shots and you therefore you need to be fast. The best way to improve your tennis quickness is by using a jump rope. Jump rope for about 15 or 20 minutes every other day and your speed, footwork, and coordination will improve significantly.
  • Stamina is more important than speed on the tennis court. You may able to get from one side of the court to the other quickly, but if you can’t keep this up for more than a few games, you won’t be able to compete in a full tennis match. Your stamina will increase either by playing more tennis, playing other sports, or going for runs frequently.

F. Chris Garcia

  • Always make sure that you have warmed up before you play and after you play. Stretch your arms and legs and lightly jog a couple of laps around the court. You should do the same thing at the end of a match. This decreases the chance of getting injured and loosens up your muscles, allowing you to be more active.

F. Chris Garcia has been playing tennis often since he retired. He taught political science at the University of New Mexico for 40 years and served as the President of the university from one year.


The Best Camping Areas in New Mexico – F. Chris Garcia

In New Mexico, when the snow has melted, and the sun is staying out longer, it means it’s time to go camping. Here are three of the best camping spots (f. chris garcia) in New Mexico.

F. Chris Garcia

  • El Provenir Campground is located in the Santa Fe National Forest and sits near the base of Hermit’s Peak. The campground is situated nicely between conifer trees that provide an excellent source of shade and shelter. There are picnic tables, fishing, hiking, and biking trails in the area. This is the perfect campground for a nice getaway and opportunity to spend some quality time in the outdoors.
  • Rio Santa Barbara sits along the Embudo Creek and the Santa Barbara, Rio. You have easy access to wilderness hiking and biking in the Truchas Peaks from the campsite. You can fish and swim in either creek, and you have easy access to trailheads in the Pecos Wilderness. This is a very tent friendly campground and has great accommodations for group camping trips.

F. Chris Garcia

  • Sumner Lake State Park is an excellent area to camp in because of the potential outdoor activities you could take part in. You can go bird watching, fishing, boating, swimming, and wildlife viewing. There are trails that loop around the lakeshore and campsites that sit along the lake, providing you with an excellent view of the area.

F. Chris Garcia enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and two daughters. He is a retired political science professor who taught at the University of New Mexico for over 40 years.


The Best Places to Hike in New Mexico According to F. Chris Garcia

New Mexico is home to some excellent biking and hiking trails. The unique landscape that was formed by volcanic features has created opportunities for hikers and bicyclists alike to experience a different landscape than most places in the United States. Here are some of the best hiking trails in the state of New Mexico.


  • Aguirre Spring Trail is a 4.8-mile long trail in the historic town of Modoc. This trail climbs about 2400 feet making this a somewhat challenging trail. It normally takes about a full day to complete this hike due to the climb. The trailhead opens at eight a.m. every day.
  • Cañada Bonita Backcountry Ski Trip is a hiking and biking destination during the summer months. The trail is almost 3-miles long and will take you about half the day to complete. This is a family friendly area to hike, and dogs are welcome to walk on the leash in this area. Normally used for skiing, this is a unique area to hike in because of the skiing features that you walk past.
  • La Tierra Trails is more of a mountain bike trail but can double up as a trail for hikers. On the bike, it would take between one to three hours to complete this 10.5-mile trail, walking it could take between a half and full day. It is a single-track trail, so it will be a little tight at times. If you are a biker, this is a great trail to hit because of how well groomed the area is. If you are a hiker, this is a fun trail to see bikers pull off some jumps.

F. Chris Garcia is a retired professor of political science that has been spending his new found free time hiking with his wife, Sandy.