F. Chris Garcia Explains How to Overcome Common Golfing Challenges

Golf is a very difficult sport to pick up. It requires a lot of body movement and muscle work that is surprising and also feels unnatural. Beginners find it difficult to learn at first and to become a good golfer requires years of practice and experience. Here are a few tips for beginner golfers who are finding themselves challenged by the difficulty of this sport.

  • The key to a good golf swing is starting your downswing with your hips. Your lower body should be starting the movement, and that movement should move to your upper body in one fluid motion. Most bad golf swings occur because the movement is starting in the upper body rather than the lower body.

F. Chris Garcia (59)

  • The best way to practice golf is by going to a driving range. Before you attempt a course, you should have spent a lot of time at a driving range, perfecting your swing, and getting comfortable. Each session at the range should consist of you hitting 50 balls for at least half an hour. The time you spend at the range will help you considerably on the course.
  • The first course that you should attempt should be a par three course. Par three courses are a great way for you to learn about course management and allow you an opportunity to practice your short game. You will spend less time searching for balls on a par three course and more time working on your game.

F. Chris Garcia is an avid golfer. He has been playing golf for a good portion of his life now. He is a retired political science professor that taught at the University of New Mexico for over 40 years.


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