Helpful Golfing Tips by F. Chris Garcia for Newbies

Golf is a difficult sport to grasp for beginner players. The motions are somewhat unnatural, and you will not have any muscle memory so the first few times you play will be challenging. Most beginners don’t realize how much body movement and muscle use is involved, which can be quite shocking at first.

Here are a few tips shared by F. Chris Garcia for beginner golfers that will help them get over the first few humps.

  • Check your alignment before every swing. You need to align your feet, hips, knees, shoulders, and the face of your club. If you are right handed, you aim to the right, but if your alignment is off then, you won’t swing to the right because your swing will compensate for poor alignment. This is a good habit to get into regardless of how good of a golfer you are.
  • When you are aligning yourself and checking that your alignment is proper, you also should be focusing on your stance. A good swing starts with proper alignment and proper stance. You should have a wide, balanced, and stable stance that allows you to swing from the ground up. Alter your posture so that you are tilting at the hips and not the waist.
  • Next, you practice your grip. You should practice holding your clubs properly even when you’re not playing golf. Some people like to leave a club in their house and every time they walk past it, they hold it in the correct grip for 30 seconds. This gets them used to holding a club in the correct manner.

Chris Garcia is a retired professor of political science at the University of New Mexico. He has been playing golf for a good chunk of his life and has used his time since retirement to work on his game.

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