The Best Camping Areas in New Mexico – F. Chris Garcia

In New Mexico, when the snow has melted, and the sun is staying out longer, it means it’s time to go camping. Here are three of the best camping spots (f. chris garcia) in New Mexico.

F. Chris Garcia

  • El Provenir Campground is located in the Santa Fe National Forest and sits near the base of Hermit’s Peak. The campground is situated nicely between conifer trees that provide an excellent source of shade and shelter. There are picnic tables, fishing, hiking, and biking trails in the area. This is the perfect campground for a nice getaway and opportunity to spend some quality time in the outdoors.
  • Rio Santa Barbara sits along the Embudo Creek and the Santa Barbara, Rio. You have easy access to wilderness hiking and biking in the Truchas Peaks from the campsite. You can fish and swim in either creek, and you have easy access to trailheads in the Pecos Wilderness. This is a very tent friendly campground and has great accommodations for group camping trips.

F. Chris Garcia

  • Sumner Lake State Park is an excellent area to camp in because of the potential outdoor activities you could take part in. You can go bird watching, fishing, boating, swimming, and wildlife viewing. There are trails that loop around the lakeshore and campsites that sit along the lake, providing you with an excellent view of the area.

F. Chris Garcia enjoys hiking and camping with his wife and two daughters. He is a retired political science professor who taught at the University of New Mexico for over 40 years.


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