The Best Places to Hike in New Mexico According to F. Chris Garcia

New Mexico is home to some excellent biking and hiking trails. The unique landscape that was formed by volcanic features has created opportunities for hikers and bicyclists alike to experience a different landscape than most places in the United States. Here are some of the best hiking trails in the state of New Mexico.


  • Aguirre Spring Trail is a 4.8-mile long trail in the historic town of Modoc. This trail climbs about 2400 feet making this a somewhat challenging trail. It normally takes about a full day to complete this hike due to the climb. The trailhead opens at eight a.m. every day.
  • Cañada Bonita Backcountry Ski Trip is a hiking and biking destination during the summer months. The trail is almost 3-miles long and will take you about half the day to complete. This is a family friendly area to hike, and dogs are welcome to walk on the leash in this area. Normally used for skiing, this is a unique area to hike in because of the skiing features that you walk past.
  • La Tierra Trails is more of a mountain bike trail but can double up as a trail for hikers. On the bike, it would take between one to three hours to complete this 10.5-mile trail, walking it could take between a half and full day. It is a single-track trail, so it will be a little tight at times. If you are a biker, this is a great trail to hit because of how well groomed the area is. If you are a hiker, this is a fun trail to see bikers pull off some jumps.

F. Chris Garcia is a retired professor of political science that has been spending his new found free time hiking with his wife, Sandy.


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