F. Chris Garcia: Committed to Excellence

F. Chris Garcia has worked with Think New Mexico and as an adviser to the Albuquerque Public Schools Citizenship Committee. His work in the Albuquerque community and with the New Mexico State Department of Education has significantly impacted the education of thousands of students in New Mexico.

photo 21

He has worked with various groups housed within the New Mexico State Board of Education, including the Taskforce on High School Civics Education. He has been an integral part of the academic community in Albuquerque and has been inducted into the Silver Horizons Hall of Fame in recognition of his contributions to his community.

Chris Garcia has spent his career contributing to both the academic and political advancement of the public in his local and regional community, and his impact on the lives of many New Mexicans continues to the present. At the University of New Mexico, Garcia not only worked as a Professor of Political Science, but also served as both the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and the President of the University during his tenure.

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia

The now-retired educator spent part of his academic tenure working to enhance the quality of education for students beginning in their primary education and continuing higher education. He was a Professor at the University of New Mexico for more than 40 years and provided award-winning instruction to his students throughout his tenure. He has also made more broad contributions to the New Mexican community. He has used his comprehensive understanding of the political landscape of New Mexico and the United States to encourage more effective involvement in his community.


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