Empowering People with Education: F. Chris Garcia

In order to reform education one must be committed to making a change fundamentally. One instructor dedicated to this task was the leader of the New Mexico State Youth Political Caucus Workshop on Ethnic Politics and Youth and is a proponent for quality educational opportunities. He was a member of the University of New Mexico faculty for more than 40 years, teaching Political Science and serving as the institution’s President during the 2002 academic year.

photo 21

He has also been an integral part of several organizations within the Albuquerque community, working with groups focused on the improvement of Albuquerque education. He was a member of the Albuquerque Good Government Group and has enjoyed the opportunity to work with the Education Task Force and Citizenship Education Network for over five years. His 40-year career in education has been marked by his dedication to improving the quality of education for all students in New Mexico.

During his career in academia, he made a marked difference to the Albuquerque community and his contributions continue to be seen throughout the state of New Mexico. Both an esteemed educator and admired public servant, Garcia continually demonstrates his desire to improve every aspect of New Mexico’s education standards. The Albuquerque Public Schools Educational Futures Long-Range Planning Consortium has sought Garcia’s assistance in reforming the community’s quality of education, and the 1982 New Mexico Chapter of the American Society for Curriculum Development asked him to both present and moderate their event titled “Beyond the Great Debate: The Shared Responsibility for Education.”.

F. Chris Garcia is a professor who has demonstrated his commitment to local education as an adviser to the Albuquerque Public Schools Citizenship Committee, as well as the New Mexico State Department of Education Task Force. He has helped create a better educational framework for Albuquerque’s youth, significantly enhancing the well-being of his community.


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