F. Chris Garcia: A True Caretaker of the Native Land

For many, remembering to give back to their community can be difficult. Our expert says that if this is true for you, try staying local first. On a local level, our expert has worked with the City of Albuquerque Charter Revision Task Force as well as the Albuquerque Good Government Group’s Education Task Force and Citizenship Education Network. He has spent his career contributing to both the academic and political enhancement of the minds in his local and regional community, and his impact on the lives of many New Mexicans continues to be seen today.

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia

He has also dedicated his time to serving the community with him. While his main contribution to the Albuquerque community has been through his Political Science instruction at the University of New Mexico, where he became a distinguished professor. He has also served as a member the Albuquerque Public Schools’ Educational Futures Long Range Planning Consortium and has shared his political insights with local TV news stations for over 25 years. The 4th-generation Burqueño has been an active member in his community, working to improve the lives of others through his service. He has also worked with Think New Mexico, a think tank committed to improving the situation of members of the New Mexico community that are lacking strong representation in politics.

F. Chris Garcia has been committed to improving the quality of education within the Albuquerque community, and has worked with political departments to research public opinion and the psychology behind voting trends to develop education reform practices that will be favorable among voters. He has worked with various groups housed within the New Mexico State Board of Education, including the Task force on High School Civics Education. He has also made more broad contributions to the greater New Mexico community.


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