F. Chris Garcia’s Journey to Become an Author

There are many things necessary to become an influential author. One author took the tactic of specifically targeting students, He has worked with political organizations such as Think New Mexico, a group dedicated to giving under represented New Mexicans a stronger voice in their political landscape, and the National Hispanic Cultural Center’s Board of Directors, with whom he worked to encourage the national enhancement of Hispanic representation in American politics.

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia

This instructor wrote “Political System: Moving into the Mainstream,” which documented the rising trend of Latino perspectives in American politics. His work in the Albuquerque community and New Mexican State Department of Education has resulted in widespread educational and political reform that has significantly impacted the education of thousands of students in New Mexico. While he is no longer an instructor at UNM (F. Chris Garcia), his written works continue to serve as invaluable resources for students pursuing a professional career in politics.

In 1977, he published his pioneering observations on Latino politics in the United States in “The Chicano Political Experience: Three Perspectives” and later expanded his findings in 2007 with the publication of “Hispanics and the U.S. He has contributed to the academic community through his authorship of many pieces of literature. In addition to his instruction in Political Science at the University of New Mexico, he is a distinguished professor.

In addition to his editorship, F. Chris Garcia has used his comprehensive understanding of the political landscape of New Mexico and the United States to encourage more active involvement in his community. He has edited collections of essays by Latino political figures in “Pursuing Power: Latinos and the Political System” and edited and contributed to the anthology of New Mexican political perspectives in “New Mexico Government,” published in 1994.


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