F. Chris Garcia: An Art and Music Lover

Many people have a fondness for drama and should consider becoming a cast member in various musical theatre performances. While most people greatly enjoys music, playing in these groups not only allowed someone to play their favourite instrument, but also gives them the opportunity to meet new people and make friends.

F. Chris Garcia

A musically inclined individual says that being active in the music world continued to enhance his own musical interests, playing guitar in a country-western band created by him and his friends. This man has been actively involved in various fine arts programs throughout his life. He is the fourth generation in his family’s heritage to have grown up in the Albuquerque area. He enjoyed the mellifluous brass tones the instrument produced, and continued to play in marching bands, dance bands and concert ensembles throughout his school years. Through his work with groups of this kind, he has ensured a future of performance for children of Albuquerque. At the age of eight he learned to play the trumpet.

In his adulthood, F. Chris Garcia has served on committees that include the University of New Mexico Site for the Performing Arts Center and the Executive Board of the Albuquerque Light Civic Opera. He has continued to support various arts organizations to promote a future of artistic development for the youth in his community.

 F. Chris Garcia (59)

He also enjoys singing. In both his youth and adulthood, as he has participated in numerous choirs, lending his voice to the groups to produce quality performances for members of his community.

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