F. Chris Garcia’s Contribution to the Community

Contributing to the community is a matter of working hard for others. One great example is a man who has worked with the City of Albuquerque on multiple projects, including the City’s Charter Revision Taskforce, which was concerned with reorienting the goals of the city to better reflect its residents. He was raised in the area and grew up attending Valley High School and the University of New Mexico, where he earned both a Bachelor and Master of Arts in Political Science.

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia

Additionally, he has worked with the Albuquerque Good Government Group’s Board of Directors to examine the efficacy of the local government, and has also contributed insights on the necessities of the community in partnership with the City of Albuquerque’s Human Needs Strategic Planning Group. He has been an active member of his local community throughout his life and has worked with a variety of groups and organizations to improve the quality of life for residents.

As the fourth generation in his family to be born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he has been ensuring the well-being of the city and its community.

After earning his Doctorate from the University of California at Davis, F. Chris Garcia returned to UNM where he served as a Professor of Political Science for over 40 years. His work with many groups has had a significant impact on the livelihood of Albuquerque’s residents. Most recently, he made political contributions to Think New Mexico, an organization dedicated to giving underrepresented New Mexicans a greater voice in their community.


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