F. Chris Garcia: Former Elections Analyst and Pollster

Chris Garcia is a notable name in the fields of academics, political science and the local business community, having been an influential and sought-after professional in each for over 40 years. An intellectual, scholar, business leader and community advocate, Garcia is particularly well-known, at least in some circles, as a skilled elections analyst and pollster.

F. Chris Garcia Honored in Age

The President and co-founder (F. Chris Garcia) of the Zia Research Associates, Inc., a full-service opinion survey research organization he established with two other professors in 1973, F. Chris Garcia provided statistical analysis and conducted survey research of both public and electorate opinion polls for more than 22 years, supplementing an already successful career as a University of New Mexico Professor of Political Science. It was during his time as Zia President that Garcia began providing expert political and election analysis to several local Albuquerque TV stations, including KOAT, KOB and KRQE, as well as the local Albuquerque Journals and several local radio stations.

Chris Garcia excelled as both an elections analyst and pollster, providing expert, well-supported elections analysis and polling for more than 25 years. Local media outlets trusted Garcia to provide insight into both local and national elections; to offer a well-educated and expert take on the elections that had a direct impact on the public.

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia enjoyed the opportunity to provide insight, and perhaps even enlightenment, to the voting public of New Mexico for more than two and a half decades. He is proud to have had the opportunity to provide instruction to UNM political science students for more than 40 years.


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