F. Chris Garcia: Organization Involvement

Chris Garcia has been active and/or involved with a number of community and professional organizations throughout his extensive academic career, not to mention multiple organizational boards, committees and task forces. A dedicated and passionate member of the New Mexico community for much of his career, and his life, Garcia has consistently demonstrated a devotion to both the community and the people of the state of New Mexico.

F. Chris Garcia was part of the University of New Mexico faculty for over 40 years, and served as a leader within the UNM administration for more than 18 of those. A winner of numerous awards for his commitment to the UNM community, Garcia has been involved in any number of community organizations throughout his career, including the Good Government Group, the Albuquerque Goals committee, a City of Albuquerque Revision Task Force, Think New Mexico, the National Hispanic Cultural Center and more.

Chris Garcia is currently an Executive Council Member, Vice-President and Secretary of the American Political Science Association, and is an Executive Council member, Program Chairman and President-Elect of the Western Political Science Association. He is been a loyal member of the Central United Methodist Church since 1990, and has been a part of the University of New Mexico Alumni Association since 1961.

A well-known leader in the business community, as well as passionate advocate for many causes,  Garcia has made numerous contributions to organizations throughout the New Mexico and Albuquerque communities throughout his career. He is currently UNM Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Political Science.


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