F. Chris Garcia – A History of Triumph Performance

Albuquerque native and old UNM prof F. Chris Garcia has enjoyed a distinguished and triumph career; a career of skilled distinction and active community involvement that has garnered him various awards and accolades for over forty years. A prof of politics at the University of recent Mexico for over four decades, similarly because the past member of diverse boards, organizations, committees and task forces throughout the community, Garcia has set himself apart as an expert of diligence and dedication.

Numerous organizations have recognized F. Chris Garcia’s commitment to excellence over the years, that has helped him amass quite a spectacular assortment of accolades over the past forty years. In 1977, Garcia was honored to own won the UNM Mesa Chicana Literary Award, and followed up this honor with the reception of the depression highschool Outstanding Alumni Award in 1981.

He was honored to own received a Newspaper Project Award from the NM Humanities Council in 1983, that recognized his work on “Public Opinion Polls: associate degree Addition to Our Political Education.” In 1985, the yankee politics Association would honor Garcia with a Recognition Award, given to him “in Recognition of Excellence in Scholarship and repair to the Profession.”

Other honors received by Chris Garcia throughout his career embody a University of recent Mexico Regents worthy Service laurel wreath (1996), a University of recent Mexico Alumni Association Zia Award for Outstanding UNM Alumni (1997) and a Franklin J. Goodnow Award for Distinguished Service from the yankee politics Association (2001).


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