F. Chris Garcia: A Successful Career at UNM

UNM Professor Emeritus F. Chris Garcia enjoyed a long and successful career at the university, one that included not only the chance to teach and mentor numerous UNM students as Political Science Professor, but also the opportunity to be an influential professional and leader within the school’s College of Arts and Sciences and university administration.

F. Chris Garcia

F. Chris Garcia

A 41 year professor at the university, F. Chris Garcia earned both his B.A. and M.A. in Government from UNM in the early to mid-1960s, and returned to the university to serve as Professor shortly after earning  a PhD in Political Science from UC-Davis in 1970. As UNM Professor, Garcia enjoyed the opportunity to teach at all levels, including the chance to participate in the development of curriculum, committee work, numerous research, writing and publishing efforts, and providing both mentoring and assistance to a variety of colleagues and students. Throughout his 40 year teaching tenure, Garcia was also proud to serve in a variety of administrative positions, including that of both Associate Dean and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as Vice President and Interim Provost for Academic Affairs, and eventually as UNM President.

Chris Garcia is noted for the many contributions he has made to both the UNMand to the New Mexico community throughout his career, wining multiple awards and much recognition as a result. He is the proud winner of the 1996 University of New Mexico Regents Meritorious Service Medal, the American Political Science Association’s Franklin J. Good now Award for Distinguished Service in 2001, the UNM Alumni Association’s Bernard S. Rodey Award for Educational Leadership in 2004 and the NCA Higher Learning Commission’s Distinguished Service Award (Chris Garcia) in 2007.


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