F. Chris Garcia – Active Member of The New Mexico Community

Chris Garcia is proud to have not only been an active part of the UNM academic community for so many years, but to have also been an influential member of so many community organizations, boards and committees throughout his career. A long time professor and leader within the UNM department of Political Science, Garcia committed much of his time throughout his career to the service of numerous community organizations, doing his part to influence positive change for his community and for the state of New Mexico.

F. Chris Garcia (85)

Chris Garcia, a former Associate Dean, Dean, Vice President, Provost and even President of the University of New Mexico, is proud to volunteered much of his free time to service of the community. Past positions include that of Advisor to the Albuquerque Public Schools Citizenship Committee (1973-74), as Consultant to the New Mexico Department of Health and Social Services United Child Care, Inc. (1974), as member of the “Four Star News” Editorial Advisory Board (1977-78), as member of the Task Force on High School Civics Education for the NM State Department of Education (1978-79) and as Associate General Chairman of the 1983 United Way Campaign Community Services Area.

Chris Garcia, an UNM alum and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, has also served on the Mayor’s Committee on “Goals for Albuquerque” Writers Subcommittee (1983-1984), on the UNM Pope joy Hall Board of Directors (1987-90), on the Albuquerque Civic Light Opera Association Board of Directors (1985-91) and as a member of the City of Albuquerque Charter Revision Task Force (1998-99).


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