F. Chris Garcia’s Education History

Chris Garcia is a fourth-generation Albuquerque an, and the 13th generation in his family’s lineage to live in New Mexico. After graduating from Valley High School, he enrolled at the nearby University of New Mexico. There, he studied Political Science and earned both a Bachelor and Master of Arts in the subject. Garcia left New Mexico for a few years to attend UCLA and the University of California at Davis in pursuit of a Doctorate and returned in 1970 to accept a teaching position at his alma mater.

photo 12

Garcia worked on the UNM campus for over 40 years and served his academic community in multiple capacities. These ranged from Assistant, Associate and full Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the position of President of the University during the 2002 academic year. While teaching at UNM, he was a member of both the American Political Science Association and the Western Political Science Association, serving each as Vice President and President, respectively.

During his academic career, F. Chris Garcia donated a considerable amount of time to the improvement of education standards in Albuquerque, as well as greater New Mexico. During his tenure at UNM, he served on the North Central Association of Colleges’ Higher Learning Commission and well as the Committee on Pre-Collegiate Education of the American Political Science Association. Garcia has worked hard to make many aspects of a student’s education better, beginning with their primary education and continuing through every aspect of their public schooling. His efforts can continue to be seen by the Albuquerque community today.


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