F. Chris Garcia – An Advocate for Education

photo 27

F.Chris Garcia’s commitment to education is unquestioned. Not only was Garcia a dedicated member of the University of New Mexico faculty for more than 40 years, he has also been an integral part of numerous organizations, Boards and groups that have focused on discussion and improvement of Albuquerque education throughout his career. A professional educator (C. Garcia) and experienced public servant, Garcia has continually demonstrated the need and desire to be a voice for educational improvement; to help create a better and more effective educational framework for young people throughout the Albuquerque community.

As a former member of the Albuquerque Good Government Group, F. Chris Garcia enjoyed the chance to serve within the organization’s Education Task Force/ Citizenship Education Network for over five years. He was also a valued member of the Albuquerque Public Schools Educational Futures Long-Range Planning Consortium from 1982 to 1983, and provided invaluable input and insight as Presenter and Moderator of a 1982 meeting of the New Mexico Chapter of the American Society for Curriculum Development, an event called “Beyond the Great Debate: The Shared Responsibility for Education.”

photo 21

F.Chris Garcia also demonstrated his commitment to local education as a part of a New Mexico State Department of Education Task Force, not to mention his involvement with the Albuquerque Public Schools Citizenship Committee as a trusted advisor (F. Garcia). Garcia was the leader of the New Mexico State Youth Political Caucus Workshop on Ethnic Politics and Youth, and formerly served on the LULAC Education Advisory Committee. As a proponent for quality educational opportunity, Garcia has consistently made a substantial and lasting difference for the Albuquerque community.


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